Skatepark Insurance

We have insured both indoor and outdoor UK skateparks for many years and consider ourselves to be one of the very few specialist skatepark insurance brokers.

The insurance markets appetite for skatepark insurance is still relatively limited when compared to other activities and the choice of insurer is determined by a number of key factors: –

  • Is the skatepark run as a business, charity or not for profit organisation?
  • Is access to the skatepark controlled e.g. is it indoor with a pay on the door policy or outdoor and fully fenced with access only granted at certain times? Or is it a community skatepark located on recreational land with no restrictions on use?
  • Is all activity supervised by an appropriately qualified and/or experienced adult? Or is no supervision of the park provided?

Specialist Skatepark Insurance Brokers

As with all businesses skateparks differ considerably in size, facilities, income and management and all these factors are taken into consideration by insurers when setting a skatepark insurance premium. We are often asked to indicate an “average” price, but as there is no “average” skatepark we prefer to offer full and complete quotations when all of the above factors have been considered.

We would be pleased to look at your skatepark insurance and risk management requirements and you can either telephone us for a no obligation discussion or complete and return our skatepark insurance proposal form which can be found on our documents page.

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